About us

In 2018, Shenghua Electromechanical Co., Ltd. was established in the Dataoyuan area, which is now a professional ancestral hall. It continues to actively develop, design, and plan automation on a professional basis.

The main business of the company is various automatic control system planning (customization) construction maintenance, various industrial 4.0 automation, graphic control equipment design, energy saving project planning, PLC program, system planning and construction maintenance of precision transmission control, and other services All kinds of switchboards, and external wiring on site.

The company's operating policy is actively oriented towards the development of electronic control equipment, computer communication, mechanical and electrical system integration planning, and business expansion of related consumables sales. Adhering to the business philosophy of "Customer First, Enthusiasm and Prudence, Service First", we pursue the sustainable operation and growth of the enterprise.

(Factory construction photos)

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